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Based on our wide network of professional partners across the world, vast experience, highly trained staff with deep knowledge and high level of expertise in educational tourism, we organize and package cutting edge and highly interactive and integrating curriculum focus educational tours to different global destinations in all the six continents of the world for students. Among them are as the follows based on selected countries in each of the six continents: Europe- Asia- Australia- North America- South America.


At locations within and outside the country, we have successfully packaged and organized Education and Adventure tours for young pupils, bringing about real-life learning scenarios with skill building activities. We arrange this outdoor education to stimulate the imagination and young minds of the students, as well as develop their capacity to use their initiative in tandem with the practical challenges of life.
Guided business vacations come in all shapes and sizes and offer hundreds of itineraries across several travel styles in destinations around the world. They offer the in-depth itineraries, quality hotels, assurance of visiting must-see landmarks and the peace of mind of travelling with experts in each destination.

Whether it’s Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America or Asia, guided vacations combine the essential elements of an unforgettable, hassle-free vacation – accommodations, transportation, many local meals and must-see sightseeing. All you have to do is choose the place, pace, price and overall experience that’s right for you.

We have been very enthusiastic in packaging trips to holiday camp for children as we have seen it over time become a template to unwind after a long and tasking academic term. The camp is fun-packed with games and entertainment activities that keep the youngsters refreshed for another academic term. It is on record that Zenith Travels and Tours packaged and organized the first ever private sector initiated corporate boat cruise geared at boosting water tourism in Nigeria, with over 200 people onboard an ultra-modern double decker engine boat in 26th December, 2007.
The world has always cherished beloved images of romance; Romeo beneath Juliet’s balcony, Cupid’s arrow, Cleopatra and Caesar. With an evocative palate of destinations, your own unique romance can be celebrated and infused with an equally unforgettable dose of luxury and reverie. First Dolphin elevates these destinations, perfecting your romantic, dream vacation with handcrafted intimacy and inimitability.

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